The Left Always Seems To Get REAL Quiet When Trump Does Something Even They Should Cheer

During the State of the Union on Tuesday, President Trump recognized the historic number of women sitting in the chamber much to the glee of those very same members.

The women, many of whom were dressed in White and are Democrats, stood and applauded the president and one another on the accomplishment.

But, they may have only been doing so because the cameras were rolling and people were watching.

Now, well after the State of the Union, the Left seems to be resorting to their usual silence when Trump does something amazing for women, minorities, or any of the groups that the Left claims they support.

On Thursday, Trump signed a presidential memorandum which aims to helps women around the world, especially in developing countries.

As Fox News reports, the initiative was “closely crafted and conceived by Senior Adviser Ivanka Trump.”

“Trump, who has proven herself to be a strong, effective ally of working women, will score another achievement with the official launch of the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (W-GDP),” Fox News reports, speaking of Ivanka.

And, “The new initiative will change the lives of women across the globe, bolster America’s national security, and serve as the first-ever government-wide partnership with the private sector aimed at helping 50 million women in developing countries by 2025.”

Here’s more:

The Trump administration’s expansive efforts for working women both at home and across the globe often receives little attention, notoriety, and coverage. That was not the case, however, on Tuesday during President Trump’s State of the Union address.

Garnering perhaps the largest applause of the night, and even prompting cheers from recalcitrant Democrats, Trump noted, “All Americans can be proud that we have more women in the workforce than ever before — and exactly one century after the Congress passed the Constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote, we also have more women serving in the Congress than ever before.”

Though the media refuses to cover and Democrats refuse to acknowledge the successes of the Trump administration – many spearheaded by Ivanka Trump – she continues to work tirelessly to better the lives of everyday Americans.

The hard-working senior adviser said it best: “Women can choose to knock each other down or build each other up.  I choose the latter.”

CBS News added: “The Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative aims to boost women’s economic output in developing countries by $12 trillion by 2025, and President Trump has directed the U.S. Agency for International Development to allocate $50 million for a new fund, according to an op-ed Ivanka Trump wrote in the Wall Street Journal. The president signed a memo to launch the initiative Thursday afternoon.”

“The economic empowerment of women shouldn’t be viewed as a ‘women’s issue,'” Ivanka continued in the Journal op-ed, as CBS News reports. “Smart development assistance benefits families, communities and nations. By investing in women, we are investing in a future in which countries can support themselves by unleashing the potential of their own people. W-GDP establishes a cohesive three-pillar structure to support governmentwide programs and partnerships. Pillar One will advance workforce development and vocational education for women.”

During a signing ceremony, Ivanka said: “This is the first U.S. government, all of government, approach to empowering women.”

As TownHall reports, the Job Creators Network commended the initiative and applauded the president for his role.

“We applaud the President for recognizing the importance of empowering women throughout the world,” the group said, via the report. “Thanks to his economic initiatives here at home, we have more women in the workforce than ever before and millions of women-owned small businesses are prospering.”

They continued: “The importance of advancing workforce development and vocational education for women worldwide cannot be overstated. As a businesswoman, Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump has seen firsthand how vital it is to ensure that legal and cultural barriers for women are lifted and equal opportunity is made available in developing countries. We look forward to working hand in hand with Ms. Trump to spread the fight for free enterprise to 50 million women across the world by 2025.”