Cory Booker Claims: ‘This Planet Simply Can’t Sustain’ People Eating Meat

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are certainly an interesting bunch and it remains to be seen who will rise to the top and grab the nomination.

But Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) already has something that makes him stand out from the others.

He’s the only vegan.

And he believes that ‘this planet simply can’t sustain’ millions of people eating meat.

From Free Beacon:

Booker told the vegan magazine VegNews earlier this month that he became vegan after coming to the realization that eating eggs “didn’t align with my spirit.”

While claiming he does not want to lecture Americans on their diets, Booker says Americans need to be nudged into fake cheese because the planet cannot sustain the “environmental impact” of the food industry.

“You see the planet earth moving towards what is the Standard American Diet,” Booker said. “We’ve seen this massive increase in consumption of meat produced by the industrial animal agriculture industry.”

“The tragic reality is this planet simply can’t sustain billions of people consuming industrially produced animal agriculture because of environmental impact,” he said. “It’s just not possible.”

Booker says the “devastating impact” of greenhouse gases produced by the meat industry is “just not practical.”

Booker has endorsed the Green New Deal because he said it was like fighting the Nazis in World War II or going to the moon.

“I found the data that began to reaffirm my vegetarianism,” Booker said. “In fact, it led me to more about our environment and cruelty to animals. I began saying I was a vegetarian because, for me, it was the best way to live in accordance to the ideals and values that I have. My veganism started then.”

The final straw was eating eggs that did not “align” with his spirit.

“I think so many of our likes and dislikes are childhood memories or family traditions, and you associate the foods you’re eating often with such good emotions—but now, suddenly, eating those eggs for me was something that didn’t align with my spirit, and I could feel it,” Booker said. “I finally just made a decision that I was going to become vegan. I remember my last non-vegan meal was Election Day, November 2014.”