Ocasio-Cortez Policy Wonk Lets Slip the Medical Conditions Their Public Option Wouldn’t Cover

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Dan Riffle, “policy guy” for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, got into a bit of trouble with a revelatory post on Twitter.

Riffle’s Twitter handle reveals one of the problems with the approach by Ocasio-Cortez. He goes by “Every Billionaire Is A Policy Failure.”

So instead of understanding that a billionaire is an achievement of American society that some other societies wouldn’t even allow, plus that that billionaire is most likely responsible for a multitude of jobs as well as economic activity, to them that billionaire is a “failure.”

So this guy who already has a strike against him, tweeted out that under their proposed future public healthcare option they wouldn’t pay for things like hip replacements for octogenarians.

Here’s the screenshot:

What a window into their thought.

He then got blasted by people, took the tweet down and said he took it back.

Here’s his reasoning.

He’s a wonk, not a doctor, and he wants to be the guy who decides your medical coverage. He and his fellow royal “we,” Ocasio-Cortez adherents, will tell us what they will allow to be covered.

And just because socialism doesn’t work, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try it here!

And Ocasio-Cortez is proud of the perspective he’s providing her.

But there was no taking it back.

They really have no idea what they are saying.

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