CNN’s Jeff Zucker Steps On a Rake When He Blasts Fox As ‘Propaganda’

This has got to be the hypocritical story of the day.

CNN’s President Jeff Zucker is coming to the defense of the DNC’s decision not to not give Fox the opportunity to host any of the primary debates for the Democrats.

In a blazing lack of self-awareness, he blasted Fox as a “propaganda outlet.”

From The Hill:

“I think the consternation about this is a little misplaced,” he said. “They don’t have to give one to CNN, they don’t have to give one to NBC. They have no obligation to give one to Fox,” he said at the South by Southwest Festival, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“I think the question should be, is Fox state-run TV or is the White House state-run government by Fox TV?”

Is that some projection, or what?

That’s hilarious given how long CNN has carried water for the Democrats.

And not only with the continual bias of his reporters but even Zucker’s own bias, in attacks on President Donald Trump. ‘

Here’s Zucker literally blaming Trump for the mass shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue last year. Talk about bias.

And has Zucker forgotten how Donna Brazile who was working for CNN gave debate questions to Hillary Clinton before hand?

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Perhaps Zucker’s problem is that Fox cleans CNN’s clock when it comes to ratings?

Ultimately, the DNC deciding to not have a debate broadcast to that much larger audience only hurts the people the Democrats.

And it shows once again their lack of desire to reach out to all the people.

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