First It Was the Cows, Now the Birds: Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Is A Bird-Pocalypse

Cows and birds can’t be looking kindly on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

She made it plain in her FAQ statement accompanying her Green New Deal that they wanted to work on getting rid of the farting cows.

But it looks like now the birds may be in trouble too.

From Fox News:

Ocasio-Cortez and other congressional Green New Deal supporters say they would replace existing conventional energy sources powered by fossil fuels primarily with wind and solar power. This would be tremendously harmful to the environment, especially animals.

Wind turbines kill hundreds of thousands of birds every year. One study published in the academic journal Biological Conservation estimates as many as 328,000 birds are killed annually from collisions with wind turbines, even though wind turbines accounted for only 6.6 percent of U.S. energy generation in 2018.

Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal resolution would require most energy generation to come from wind and solar power. Powering half the United States using wind power would necessitate about 234,000 additional wind turbines, resulting in the death of as many as 1.5 million more birds every year from wind-turbine collisions. If the entire country were to be powered by wind turbines, as many as 3 million birds would die from wind-turbine collisions annually, or about 30 million per decade.

But that’s not all.

As stunning as these figures are, they represent just one relatively small part of the Green New Deal’s bird-pocalypse. Currently, 8 million to 57 million birds die each year from colliding with power lines. This figure would likely increase substantially if the Green New Deal were to become law.

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar require much more land and facilities to generate power than many forms of existing electricity generation, such as nuclear and natural gas power. That means more transmission lines would be needed if existing energy facilities were replaced.

As Forbes writer Michael Shellenberger noted in a 2018 article about renewable energy transmission lines, “It would take 18 of California’s Ivanpah solar farms to produce the same amount of electricity that comes from our Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. And where just one set of transmission lines are required to bring power from Diablo Canyon, 18 separate transmission lines would be required to bring power from solar farms like Ivanpha.”

Add onto that, even more lines to transmit to areas that were not conducive to wind and solar and even more millions of birds killed.

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If humans’ CO2 emissions are causing global warming, the Green New Deal won’t stop it. So, why should we sacrifice hundreds of millions of birds, tear up tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of acres of land, and decimate the U.S. economy in the process of rolling out this disastrous legislation?

Members of the environmental left know about these problems (and many more, too) but they are more concerned about advancing socialism than actually protecting the environment.

So how will Ocasio-Cortez and the environmentalists justify this?

And how ridiculous to do all this with no evidence that it actually would make change anything in terms of the climate?

But of course it would change society, destroy the economy and give government control.

So if that’s the aim, it certainly would do that.