Trump May Have Just Won 2020 With His Latest Tweet

Watch: Trump Just Made A Lot Of People Happy With His Latest Tweet

Did you wake up feeling groggy yesterday, wishing you could go back to bed?

Are you tired of “springing forward” and losing an hour of sleep in 2019?

And are you still feeling it today?

Well, you weren’t alone.

Everyone grumped across social media and called for a change.

But it looks like President Donald Trump is coming to the rescue.

From Fox:

President Trump apparently is tired of switching clocks just like everyone else.

Coming off a universally sleep-deprived weekend during which America set the clocks to spring forward an hour, Trump tweeted that he’s “O.K.” with making Daylight Saving Time “permanent” — in other words, enough with the clock changing.

And Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has already proposed a bill.

Trump’s announcement brought everyone together, even those who were not generally enamored of him.

Trump just might win in a landslide.

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