Woman Booted From Gun Hearing After People Saw Her Text About Shooting Lawmaker, NRA

The left is getting pretty crazy in going after people who support gun rights.

It is a common occurrence and not at all fringe to see notable Democrats and liberals now referring to the NRA and other gun rights supporters as “terrorists” or otherwise demonizing them.

A Maryland lawmaker just came under fire for targeting gun rights activists and encouraging people on social media to dox them, a practice which can endanger people’s lives.

And now there’s another incident.

From Daily Caller:

An unidentified woman was reportedly ejected from a Connecticut gun hearing Monday after she was spotted sending a text threatening to shoot a lawmaker and NRA members.

“If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA,” a photo of the text message-in-progress reads, according to a tweet.

She was approached by an officer and escorted out.

Her ire appeared to be directed at Republican Connecticut state Sen. Rob Sampson, who describes himself as a Constitutional conservative and has won the NRA “Defender of Freedom Award.”

It’s not clear if she was questioned or detained after the hearing.

But it shows once again the hysteria that the left is whipping up over guns.

And what irony that she would think about wrongly using a gun because she’s allegedly upset about people wrongly using guns.

Democrats need to condemn such hysterical reaction, not stoke it.