3 Troubling Videos Show Exactly Why There’s An Emergency At The Border

Democrats have been fighting President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the border.

Despite the facts presented by the experts dealing with the issue at the border, the Congress has not been supportive.

Some Republicans who voted against the declaration did so for constitutional reasons.

But it’s really hard to argue with the facts that there is indeed an emergency as these videos clearly demonstrate.

In the first one, 52 Central American migrants cut through the fence in Imperial Beach, California. After being spotted by the Border Patrol, they fled and it took the CBP two hours to catch them all.

What happened once they were caught? They all claimed asylum showing the utter fraud that asylum claims are now. And then they are generally just released into the US now, because of catch and release.

People know that having children now ups their chance of getting to stay. So they bring them, no matter what danger that places them in from the journey and from the smugglers. Meanwhile, smugglers use the kids to help others illegally enter.

Huge groups of people crossing have increased because they know it increases their chances of the CBP not being able to get them all. And this is in the border area where Beto O’Rourke is saying that the fencing that exists should be taken down.

And as Twitchy notes, then even if caught, it’s “catch and release.” Many are just dropped off at bus stops, so many that Greyhound had to change its policy and only allow ticketed passengers inside because it was too crowded at some stations. Then they are free to go anywhere in the U.S.

The videos tell the real story, but Democrats don’t want people to see that.