Antifa Shows Up At Tucker Carlson’s House Again — Proves To Be A Big Mistake

The left has been making a concerted effort to go after Fox’s Tucker Carlson.

Media Matters has organized a campaign to get him kicked off his show.

And Antifa made another visit to his house on Friday night.

In November, an Antifa group arrived at his home at night when he was not there, screaming. threatening and banging on his door, scaring his wife and causing the police to respond. The Antifa group cracked the front door and left graffiti at the house. They also chanted we “remind you that you are not safe either” and “Tucker Carlson we will fight, we know where you sleep at night!”

Here’s videos of what happened in November.

They advertised this event as a “Halloween party” at Carlson’s house, despite it being March, because, they claimed, he was creepy.

But this time, they seemed to have far fewer people than the prior event, with only eight people showing up. One woman even brought a small baby with her which is pretty despicable in the event anything happened as it tends to do at Antifa actions.

And perhaps, appropriately, they were dressed as bananas.

What a perfect comment on them and their actions.

Fortunately, there were no reported threats or acts of violence. And they didn’t get anywhere with their actions.

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But people did have fun mocking them on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Tucker’s show has been doing massive ratings.

From The Wrap:

So far in 2019, Carlson’s 8 p.m. program on the Fox News Channel is averaging 2.9 million total viewers per episode, which is 41 percent more than Chris Hayes on MSNBC and a whopping 122 percent more than CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

In the key ratings demographic, which for primetime news programming is adults ages 25-54, Carlson averages 525,000 viewers, per Nielsen. That’s 37 percent more than Cooper and 46 percent more than Hayes.

And as Brit Hume observes, that’s the real reason for the attacks.