CNN: When Obama Separated Families at the Border, It Was ‘For Their Own Protection’

CNN hasn’t been shy about helping to support the Democratic narrative.

So it’s no surprise that in the talking about family separations that have happened under every president for decades, they tried to blame President Donald Trump rather than the laws in effect that lead to the separation and that families have been separated under every president going back to at least the Clinton administration.

But CNN even went a step further.

CNN’s ‘National Security Analyst’ Sam Vinograd explained that while of course Trump is ‘evil’ because he separated families, when former president Barack Obama separated families, he was “doing it for their protection.”

Is she kidding?

Yes, she did and CNN failed to mention that. She worked for the National Security Council under Obama.

He did it for their protection? Was it for their protection when he turned kids over to human traffickers without properly vetting who they were?

The Trump administration came in and helped to stop it, requiring more identification checks on people to make sure kids were released were released to parents or proper guardians.