Rep. Mark Meadows: More Criminal Referrals Coming, Overwhelming Evidence of DOJ, FBI Abuse to Undermine Trump

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Members of Congress are signaling that the hammer is about to drop against the FBI and DOJ officials who may have committed abuses in the Trump-Russia investigation.

First, Rep. Devin Nunes announced on Sunday that he was sending eight criminal referrals to the Attorney General this week.

And now Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) is now confirming that there’s more to come.

From Washington Examiner:

In a tweet, Meadows, a member of the Oversight Committee, said it was the “right move” and hinted that there is more to come.

“The right move from @DevinNunes. More criminal referrals to come. And certainly more deserved. Overwhelming evidence shows multiple FBI + DOJ executives abused their power to undermine a duly elected President Trump. They will be held accountable,” Meadows said.

Meadows has been involved in the House investigations into the alleged abuse by the FBI and the DOJ in regard to the Trump-Russia case.

He rightly predicted last month that the evidence would show that there was no collusion by the Trump team. But he dropped a big tease about the possible involvement of a sitting ambassador in the attempt to undermine Trump with the DOJ and the FBI. And he called again for the declassification of all the documents so that Americans could see what members of Congress were able to see to evaluate for themselves.

Nunes had described the criminal referrals as involving 1) leaking illegally to media and 2) conspiracy to lie to congress or the FISA court.

“We think there’s only a few people behind these leaks but there could be multiple people, so on the global leak referral, there could be several individuals,” Nunes told Fox News. “When you look at the conspiracy that could get up to a dozen, two dozen people.”