Legal Immigrant Attacked for Wearing MAGA Hat in Public

Atsu Mable legally emigrated to this country from Togo in 2007 and since has become an American citizen.

He’s a Republican and has been a big fan of President Donald Trump since he announced his run for the presidency. He even went to campaign events and volunteered to help out with Trump’s inauguration.

He may not have anticipated when he came to the country in 2007, that people on the left would be attacking others over what hat they wore in 2019.

But he unfortunately found out for himself what that was like.

Mable was wearing his Make America Great Again hat in Germantown, Maryland, about 30 miles from D.C., when he was attacked for it by two men.

From Daily Wire:

The alleged victim, Atsu Mable, told FOX 5 that the two men approached him, indicating they did not like his hat and telling him to take it off. He claimed one man struck him from behind. He recalled, “I was like, ‘Why are you doing that? You know? We don’t have to do this.’” Mable said they answered, “No, no, no, no, that hat is not any good.” He continued, “ .. and then they started punching me on my head.”

Mable told Fox 5 that he informed them that he was free to have his own perspective and attempted to walk away but they kept striking him until he fell. He said they smashed his headphones; he claimed he tried to retrieve his cel phone and photograph them as they fled, prompting them to return and try to grab his cel phone, but he successfully fought them off.

Witnesses saw what was happening and called the police.

The suspects were later found at a nearby basketball court, trying to hide among the kids playing there.

Scott Roberson, 25, and Jovan Crawford, 27, have now been charged with robbery and second-degree assault.

​Mable is just the latest among many who have been attacked for wearing the hat.