Ilhan Omar is Still Trying to Justify her 9/11 Comments, Uses Another GW Bush Quote

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is still trying to justify her comments on 9/11.

She said “some people did something” with a wave of her hand in her description of the 9/11 terrorist attack, seeming to downplay it at a CAIR event in March.

She retweeted this tweet from the far-left Democracy Now! Twitter account.

And then, she doubled down on trying to compare her words of those of former president George W. Bush.

Previously, she compared her comments to Bush’s iconic words three days after the attack, in which he was actually threatening the terrorists that we would get them.

Now, she’s doing it again.


She seems to think that problem is just calling them “some people” (meaning not identifying specifically who did it) as opposed to getting the dismissive nature of her remarks, particularly in context. And yes, George Bush on the day it happened, and three days later didn’t yet have all the information that we do know on who was behind it, but now Omar has all that information.

She should just stop digging the hole.

HT: Twitchy