Hillary Claims She Had ‘Best Campaign’ But Election Was ‘Stolen’ From Her

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When is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton going to let go of losing the 2016 election?

The answer is at least, not yet.

She was at it again on Saturday.

But this time she added in more troubling rhetoric, claiming the election was “stolen from her” as she did one of her speaking events with her husband in Los Angeles.

“You can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you,” she said, according to CNN.

Clinton also refused to accept the findings of the Mueller report, which found no collusion by anyone on the Trump team and Russians and also did not find for obstruction.

“The Mueller report could not be clearer, the Russians interfered in our election and Trump obstructed justice,” she said, despite the report.

Despite the fact that Clinton criticized President Donald Trump in October 2016, claiming that he might not accept the results of the election and that was a ‘threat to democracy,’ Clinton herself has failed to accept the results.

But calling it stolen takes it one step further, not just into unreality but to stoking once again the false claims that the election is illegitimate, the very thing she claimed was a “threat to democracy.”

And it sounds like people are tired of what she’s pushing.

From Daily Caller:

Tickets for the Saturday night event sold for as low as $2 and tickets for a final show Sunday night in Las Vegas are selling for as low as $15, according to Hot Air. The series slashed ticket prices for a Friday night showing in Seattle almost 54 percent from the starting price of $1,785.