Biden Confuses British PM Theresa May with Margaret Thatcher, who left office in 1990

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Former Vice President Joe Biden raised some questions when he slurred some words during his campaign launch speech.

Then he added more questions when it was reported that aides have been shielding him from reporters.

Now he just added some more.

Some on the left think Biden is a bit behind the times.

The 76 year old certainly seemed to be on Saturday might when, speaking of the British Prime Minister, he referred to her as “Margaret Thatcher” instead of the current Prime Minister Theresa May.

He was telling his audience that he’d heard from 14 heads of state who supposedly told him they had concerns about Trump.

From Washington Examiner:

That list included Thatcher, he said, before correcting the “Freudian slip,” saying he was referring to May. The U.K. head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, not the prime minister. [….]

“Margaret Thatcher, um, excuse me, Margaret Thatcher — Freudian slip,” Biden said to laughter, according to a campaign pool report. “But I knew her too.” He then corrected himself by saying: “The Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May.”

Thatcher has been out of office for almost 30 years, leaving in 1990. She was the prime minister when Biden made his first run for office during the 1988 campaign. He was forced to drop out after being caught plagiarizing a speech and lying about his academic record.

Not only was he wrong about who the present prime minister was, he was wrong when referring to the PM as the “head of state”; the head of state is considered to be the Queen.

Not to mention that it’s highly unlikely that 14 heads of state would be sharing their opinions with Biden at this juncture. Nor would it be a wise idea if they had in fact confided in him for him to reveal hat now, as that would put them in a bad position with regard to President Trump and show those leaders Biden was not to be trusted.

Biden told a South Carolina TV station it was fair to ask about his age. “All I say is watch me. Determine whether I have the energy or not to do it,” he said. “But I have significant experience. I have learned a great deal. I have learned from the past.