Dems Try to Pressure Barr, Draft Contempt Motion to Force Him to Break Law

WATCH: Pelosi says that Barr lied to Congress

House Democrats are frustrated that they haven’t been able to get their way with Attorney General William Barr and have announced they are drafting a contempt resolution against Barr.

Barr is an old school attorney general, he’s not into their political games.

The House Democrats demanded the full un-redacted Mueller report by Monday morning. But Barr couldn’t give that to them because he can’t turn over secret grand jury material especially with the great likelihood that it would leak given Democrats predilection for leaking in the past. That would violate the law.

But Barr has already provided a less-redacted version to Congress for them to review. As of the weekend, none had actually looked at it, which only goes to show this isn’t about the report but about theater to make the AG look bad.

So now Nadler has scheduled the congressional contempt vote for Wednesday, May 8 at 10 a.m.

From Daily Caller:

“Even in redacted form, the Special Counsel’s report offers disturbing evidence and analysis that President Trump engaged in obstruction of justice at the highest levels. Congress must see the full report and underlying evidence to determine how to best move forward with oversight, legislation, and other constitutional responsibilities,” Nadler said in a statementMonday.

“The Attorney General’s failure to comply with our subpoena, after extensive accommodation efforts, leaves us no choice but to initiate contempt proceedings in order to enforce the subpoena and access the full, unredacted report. If the Department presents us with a good faith offer for access to the full report and the underlying evidence, I reserve the right to postpone these proceedings,” Nadler continued.

Translation: if we can’t get what we want from the Mueller report and the conclusions, let’s see if we can root through all the evidence and the testimony to see if we can find things to twist.

The House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins called out the transparent ploys and said the request would require Barr to break the law.

“Chairman Nadler knows full subpoena compliance requires Attorney General Barr to break the law. Yet, instead of introducing legislation allowing the attorney general to provide Congress grand jury material, Democrats move to hold him in contempt,” Collins said in a statement Monday.

“They know the Justice Department is working to negotiate even as they pursue contempt charges, making their move today illogical and disingenuous. Democrats have launched a proxy war smearing the attorney general when their anger actually lies with the president and the special counsel, who found neither conspiracy nor obstruction,” Collins continued.

But it isn’t about the facts, it’s all about trying to make Barr look bad because they know he has investigations in the hopper and that there’s a reckoning coming.