More Blue States Making Moves That Could Prevent Trump From Being On The 2020 Ballot

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Democrats have made it clear they are willing to do whatever it takes to win elections.

They even want to get rid of the Electoral College following Trump’s victory.

2020 is not looking good for Democrats. Trump is pretty much guaranteed to win again if they can’t get their act together.

Democrats know that which is why they are doing everything they can to rig the deck.

From Washington Times:

Democrats have redoubled their efforts to force President Trump to release his federal tax returns by threatening to keep him off the 2020 ballot in deep-blue states, to which he might say: So what?

Seventeen states have seen bills introduced this year that would require presidential candidates to turn over their tax returns as a condition for ballot access, and such measures have cleared one legislative chamber in at least four states.

For the Trump campaign, however, there may be worse fates than being left off the ballot in liberal enclaves like California, Hawaii and Illinois, where the mandatory tax-return bills are making headway, given that no Republican presidential contender is likely to prevail there.

“In theory, he [Trump] could really push this, and he could be disqualified from the state ballots, and it wouldn’t necessarily affect the Electoral College vote at all,” said University of Denver political science professor Seth Masket. “Because those were states he wasn’t going to win anyway.”

Whatever it takes.