Rob Schneider Schools Twitter Lib On the Constitution

WATCH: Watters’ Words on the Freedom of Speech

When it comes to politics, Rob Schneider gets it.

He’s established himself as a pretty solid Twitter follow and he recently reminded us why.

Game. Set. Match.

Schneider has been calling out the tech giants for their censorship of conservatives.

From Fox News:

Comedian Rob Schneider called out big tech firms like Facebook and Twitter as well as progressive Democrats for promoting an “Orwellian nightmare of censorship.”

The “Real Rob” star took to Twitter on Saturday to respond to a tweet highlighting Poynter’s recently scrapped list of “unreliable news” sources that was accused of targeting conservative outlets.

“We are in a real world Orwellian nightmare of censorship. Be careful who you label and smear today. You will be the smeared tomorrow,” Schneider wrote.

‘Spot on.