AOC Makes Video After Discovering A Garbage Disposal

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Anytime Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posts a video on social media you can pretty much guarantee she’s going to say something embarrassing.

Her latest video was no different.

Apparently, she’s never seen a garbage disposal before.

From Fox News:

New York Rep. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is learning a lot of new things in Washington— including about what a garbage disposal is.

The 29-year-old freshman congresswoman posted photos and videos on Instagram showing the apparently “terrifying” contraption at work in her swanky DC apartment and saying she’d never seen one before.

“OK everyone I need your help because I just moved into this apartment a few months ago and I just flipped a switch and it made that noise and it scared the daylights out of me,” Ocasio-Cortez can be heard saying in footage.

“I am told this is a garbage disposal. I’ve never seen a garbage disposal. I never had one in any place I’ve ever lived,” she later said.

Good grief.

Does she know how ridiculous she is? A sitting member of Congress fascinated by a household appliance that millions of people have been using for years and years?

Maybe she was trying to prove some point about how she came from humble beginnings? It’s just really impossible to believe she doesn’t know what a garbage disposal is.

There are plenty of people out there who came from exactly the same place she did who know what a garbage disposal is and aren’t frightened when they turn one on.

Very odd.

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