Dan Crenshaw Makes An Appearance on ‘The View’ -EPICALLY Shuts Down Liberal Arguments

WATCH: Dan Crenshaw Takes on Dems Accusing Trump of ‘Attacking’ Media

The southern border is not secure and there is currently a crisis there that is resulting in hundreds of thousands of people coming into this country illegally each month.

That’s a problem regardless of what your politics are. If you don’t think that we have the right to determine who comes in here then you aren’t as serious person.

The hosts of ‘The View’ are some of the least serious people on the planet and they recently sat down with Dan Crenshaw and came away looking really bad.

Ilhan Omar came up as well and Crenshaw was ready for that.

Joy Behar really is embarrassing. How many times is she going to lie about Trump calling Nazis fine people at Charlottesville? It simply didn’t happen. It’s been well documented that never happened.

She really is doing a disservice to her viewers whenever she says things like that.

Democrats are never going to like Dan Crenshaw no matter what he does but as far as performances on ‘The View’ go he did a good job.