North Korean Defectors Celebrating Freedom in D.C. Bullied over their MAGA Hats

WATCH: Immigrant says he was attacked for wearing ‘MAGA’ hat

There have been a lot of incidents of people getting harassed for wearing Make America Great Again hats.

But perhaps few could could be more troubling than the one that happened over the weekend.

A group of Koreans, including two North Korean defectors were walking around Washington, D.C., wearing their MAGA hats showing support for President Donald Trump.

Two people who had already been through so much, escaping the terrors of North Korean Communism, celebrating finally being in the capitol in the land of the free, the United States of America.

Two men came up to them and then began hassling them over the hats. One of the men grabbed one of the hats and tossed it up in the air. Then the other one stepped on it.

One of the man was a rapper named “Bigalow Black” and he posted the encounter basically bragging about harassing the people.

PJ Media picked it up and reported that his comment was “Not Around Here Pimp … Ain’t None Of That Make America Great Again Sh*t.”

What a horrible thing to show them. Thanks, crazy liberals, for embarrassing this country and hurting people who have already been through so much.

From Daily Caller:

One of the South Koreans wrote to PJ Media that the group was proud of Trump’s policies toward North Korea, and that they wanted to show their appreciation of the president.

“Two of us were North Korean defectors who escaped for freedom. They had to save up money for a long time to come. We thought America is a democracy. But we had no freedom to wear a hat?” He said. “We came here to speak out about human rights abuses. And we had no right to wear a hat? We thank Trump. The sanctions are working. The North Korean regime should be collapsed.”

And that’s not all.

From PJ Media:

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“The Asians wearing MAGA hats were not just tourists,” Wendy Wright, president of Christian Freedom International, told PJ Media. “They are North Korean defectors and South Koreans who get rice, medicine, and Bibles into North Korea and North Korean defectors out.”

The attack happened in Washington, D.C, Wright said.

Just days before President Trump met with Kim Jong-un in February, North Korea announced that it was facing a food crisis. Daily rations were cut and it was reported that 41 percent of North Koreans were undernourished. These Korean aid workers were in America as part of an effort to bring relief to starving North Koreans.

Foreign aid goes to the government. So these people help out by filling bottles full of rice and medicine and floating them into North Korea.

Over 1,300 pounds of rice is sent in each rice bottle launch. The 2-liter plastic bottles hold food worth more than one month’s wage.