Poll: Nearly 1/3 Of Black Female Voters Like Or Are Neutral On Trump

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Cable news tries to convince us on a daily basis that minorities don’t like Donald Trump. Apparently, CNN wants us to believe that minorities don’t believe we should have immigration laws and they don’t believe in combating voter fraud.

It’s all nonsense of course.

In fact, Trump’s poll numbers with minorities are much stronger than the left would like.

From CNS News:

A new survey of black Democratic women likely to vote in the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries showed that 29% of them “had a favorable or neutral opinion of Donald Trump,” which is a “much different picture than the one portrayed in most media,” said VoterLabs.

VoterLabs conducted the survey of 689 black Democratic female voters likely to vote in the primaries between April 19 and April 24. This was before Joe Biden announced he was entering the race. 

As reported, “29% of respondents had a favorable or neutral opinion of Donald Trump,” said VoterLabs. “Of those polled 16% responded that they ‘really like him’ or ‘he’s okay,’ with an additional almost 13% unsure or undecided, a much different picture than the one portrayed in most media.”

There have been plenty of polls showing this exact same thing. Let’s also not forget that Trump has these numbers despite the horrible and unfair press coverage he receives.

Trump is also doing well with Hispanics.

From Real Clear Politics:

Get ready for the anti-Trump “resistance” to go truly loco, because new polling data indicates Hispanic support for the president is swelling, a trend that could seal his 2020 re-election victory.

When I helped lead the Trump Hispanic Advisory Council in 2016, our effort was widely derided by skeptics certain that the narrative of Trump as anti-Latino would doom his candidacy, particularly in heavily Hispanic states like Florida.  But that November, Hispanics saw through the media smears and Trump massively outperformed dour expectations, actually surpassing Mitt Romney’s 2012 percentage among Latino voters.

Since then, prospects have only improved – most importantly for the overall well-being of America’s Hispanic citizens, but also for the political prognosis of President Trump. So much good news erupted last week for the president with the conclusion of the Mueller inquiry that stunning new polling data was largely glossed over.  McLaughlin & Associates revealedthat Hispanic approval for Trump in March jumped to 50%.  This number matched the January Marist/NPR/PBS survey that shocked cynics with its own 50% approval finding.  Even if those polls are too aggressive, February’s Morning Consult/Politico poll showed Trump’s Hispanic approval vaulting to a still-impressive 45%.

Trump has constantly said he wants to make life better for all Americans and not only has he been doing that but the American people of all races and religions are realizing it.

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