Twitter Suspends Popular Ocasio-Cortez Parody Account, Despite Permitting Other Such Accounts

Twitter has a lot of parody accounts and some are truly funny.

The only requirement has been to label yourself as parody because you’re not supposed to be pretending to actually be someone else.

But apparently, even if “parody” is in your name and all over the profile, if you are having fun with a Democrat, it’s too much.

Twitter has suspended not only the AOC Press Release (@AOCPress) parody account, but it also appears to have suspended the account of the person who was behind the parody account.

The account had over 85,000 followers, but apparently, that wasn’t enough to save it.

Yet all the Trump parodies are still out there. Funny that.

When the original account is a parody, is the parody really parody any more?

Even Ocasio-Cortez fans thought this was silly and wrong.

And it has people thinking.

HT: Twitchy