Comey Questions AG Barr, Claims The FBI ‘Doesn’t Spy’

WATCH: Barr to investigate FBI conduct in Russia probe

It’s clear at this point that the Obama Administration spied on Trump. The FBI was using informants, calls were monitored, surveillance was happening. That’s all been established as fact.

Democrats and Deep State officials know this and they know that some serious issues within the federal government are being exposed. So, now they are trying to change or bend the meaning of the word “spying” in order to downplay the severity of what happened.

James Comey, who obviously has a lot to gain by downplaying the actions of his department back in 2016, is the latest example of someone trying to parse the meaning of the word “spying”.

First of all, it’s pretty wild that anyone would have this guy on television anymore after he’s been so thoroughly disgraced over the past couple of years.

Second of all, it’s absurd to say that the FBI doesn’t spy. Go look up the word spy and it fits what was being done to Trump perfectly.

The American people are smart enough to know that Comey is just playing a game when he tries to use different words that basically mean the same thing as spying.