Cory Booker Wants Americans ‘Thrown In Jail’ If They Won’t Surrender Their Guns

There are about 250 Democrats running for president in 2020 and in such a crowded field each candidate feels the need to stand out by coming up with the most radical position possible.

It seems like they are constantly trying to one up each other and gun control is one of the most noticeable areas they are doing it in.

Listening to Cory Booker talk about guns is just bizarre and it’s clear that he would get rid of the 2nd Amendment entirely if he got his way.

The guy can’t even say whether or not he will put people in jail if they don’t surrender their guns.

From The Daily Wire:

Mikhael Smits of The Washington Free Beacon tweeted Booker’s underlying CNN clip and noted: “Cory Booker won’t say whether he’ll jail Americans who refuse to surrender firearms they lawfully purchased if he’s president.”

As Smits elaborated, CNN anchor Poppy Harlow pressed Booker on whether he agreed with the proposals of his fellow 2020 presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), an anti-gun stalwart, who supports “buy-back programs, where Americans who currently have [certain types of] guns could sell them, essentially, to the government.” As Harlow noted, Swalwell then proposes that if the gun owners “don’t [turn in their weapons] within a certain period of time, they would be prosecuted, thrown in jail.”

What is Booker thinking? Does he not realize that he has to win votes in states all across the country and not just New York and New Jersey?

This insane gun control hysteria doesn’t fly with a whole lot of Americans in flyover country and in the Rust Belt. He surely has to know that.

Maybe not.