Dem PA State Rep Brian Sims Gives a Horrible ‘Non-Apology’ for Harassing Pro-Life People

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Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims has been getting a lot of blowback from people upset with how he went after an elderly praying woman and three teenage girls.

And now he’s put out a new video.

But if you thought he would apologize, think again.

Not only doesn’t he apologize, he uses the video as another opportunity to lambast pro-life people, to call them racist and all kinds of other names.

The closest he comes to an apology is at the very end where he says he plans to “do better.”

What it sounds like is someone advised him he needed to say something to quiet the storm, but he just can’t bring himself to apologize even now.

Now, it’s worth noting that while Sims slanders the pro-life people, he doesn’t actually show video doing any of the things he claims. The only person harassing anyone on the videos is him.