Meghan McCain Blasts Seth Meyers For Defending Ilhan Omar

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It’s hard to believe that any rational person would support some of the crazy things Dem. Rep. Ilhan Omar has said.

But, many on the left continue to support her and it’s clear that a lot of liberals really have a problem with Israel.

Meghan McCain went on Seth Meyers’ program this week and the two ended up going back and forth about Ilhan Omar and Meyers was clearly doing his best to defend Omar’s past statements.

From Fox News:

When asked if there’s a way to talk about Israel without being considered anti-Semitic, McCain responded by saying don’t talk about “Jews hypnotizing the world” and “all about the Benjamins.”

“You do keep bringing up the two tweets she apologized for,” Meyers told McCain, “and I think it’s a little unfair to her, especially because — “

“Are you her publicist?” McCain reacted. “Are you her press person?”

You can watch the clip here.

Clearly, Meyers isn’t really paying attention to what’s going on out there and his inability to hold up an argument against Meghan McCain proves it.