‘Shocker’: Dem PA State Brian Sims Already Faced Ethics Investigation and It Just Got Worse

Democratic Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims got a lot of backlash after harassing and trying to dox an elderly praying woman and three teenage girls.

Turns out that this isn’t the only problem he has.

He’s under investigation.

According to the Catholic News Agency:

The state’s ethics commission opened an investigation into state Rep. Brian Sims following a 2017 complaint that he had violated Pennsylvania’s Ethics Act. Sims is accused of accepting honoraria, including fees and free travel and accommodation, in violation of policies governing state legislators.

Sims has confirmed that he is under investigation, but says the complaint is a political “hit” and the “cost of politics in a city like Philadelphia.”

It is unclear whether the investigation has been concluded as of yet.

Meanwhile, his latest actions have earned him a new complaint.

Meanwhile, Sims’ actions have inspired a huge pro-life rally on Friday at the same Planned Parenthood where he harassed the pro-life people.

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