MAD Magazine Roasts Pete Buttigieg After He Takes a Shot at Trump’s Nickname for Him

President Donald Trump has a habit of giving opponents nicknames.

And he had a hilarious one for Mayor Pete Buttigieg, one of 2020 Democratic candidates, comparing him to Alfred E. Neuman, the iconic character of MAD Magazine.

Buttigieg thought he scored a shot back at Trump when he suggested the reference to Neuman meant Trump was old, calling it a “generational thing.”

But MAD had the final laugh in the exchange.

How perfect is that!

And MAD being a magazine decided to capitalize on it and push their publications, which often have taken shots at Trump in the past. Even so, they have to be thankful he just gave them a lot of publicity with the nickname.

That translates to “what am I worried about?”

Pete fans showed they didn’t have much of a sense of humor, though, unlike Trump.

HT: Twitchy