Two Banks Turn Over Trump’s Financial Records to House Democrats

WATCH: Trump doesn’t hold back on talk of his taxes

In their effort to do anything they can to take down President Donald Trump, Democrats are breaking all kinds of norms of behavior.

In an incredible abuse of power House Democrats demanded Trump’s financial records, using as a pretense that they wanted to see if there was any “foreign influence.”

Given that the Mueller report found that there was no evidence of any collusion, they had no basis to even ask for the records. But they’re on a fishing expedition to find anything they can.

And now Democrats appear to have been successful in getting some of Trump’s records.

From Fox News:

Wells Fargo and TD Bank have turned over President Trump’s financial records to the House Financial Services Committee, Fox News confirmed on Thursday, amid a contentious legal battle between the Trump administration and congressional Democrats seeking access to sensitive files.

The committee, led by Chairwoman Maxine Waters, D-Calif., is one of several panels that have issued subpoenas and requests for Trump’s financial files.

Democrats are seeking information from nine different financial institutions and they’re getting help from Obama-appointed judges in the effort.

This is breaking down and misusing our justice system for political ends and is something everyone should be condemning, whatever side of the aisle they are on.

And meanwhile Democrats are still trying to get Trump’s taxes which Tresury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said he wouldn’t be turning over.

Presidential candidates are not required to turn over their taxes and the IRS is supposed to keep tax returns and their information inviolate. Democrats are trying to argue that the House Ways and Means Committee has the power to ask for the information and they do, but it has to be for a legitimate legislative purpose. Getting information so you can defeat Trump in 2020 is not a legitimate legislative purpose.