Vox Has Figured Out Why ‘Conservative Nonsense’ Dominates Politics

Vox believes they’ve figured out why “conservative nonsense dominates American politics.”

It isn’t because that’s what people believe or want to hear, according to them.

It’s because Fox News are political hacks who are operating for the Republican party and liberals don’t have any media operating as “hacks” for them, so there’s a “hack gap,” says Vox. Yes, they really said that.

Why were people upset over Benghazi or Hillary’s emails? Because Fox told them to be. And because Fox said it, then other media felt they needed to cover it. That’s the only reason those two subjects became a “thing,” not because there were cover-ups and crimes.

Vox’s solution? Media should just stop repeating Fox.

Problem with that? Fox has more viewers than any of the other networks. There might be a reason for that, that people actually prefer that “conservative nonsense” to the fake news of CNN, the hacks at MSNBC and Vox.

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What’s actually kind of funny in their cringe-worthy ‘analysis’ is that they do get that conservative thought does dominate American politics which is reflected by the dominating audience for Fox News.

They just are completely wrong about why.