Actress Melts Down When Tweet From Conservative Appears in Her Timeline, Accuses Twitter of Pushing Right-Wing

If you’re familiar with Twitter, you know that there are people of all political stripes who tweet.

Of course, as with much of social media, it’s controlled by liberals.

That’s why it was rather astonishing and sort of hilarious when actress Patricia Arquette had a little bit of a meltdown when she encountered a tweet from conservative singer, Joy Villa, in her timeline.

This was the tweet that triggered her that somehow showed up in her timeline:

Oh my gosh, stop the presses! They allow people on the right on Twitter and they might show up in your timeline? The horror!

Pro-tip? Most of the world probably doesn’t agree with you politically and if you’re going out, you’re likely encountering people every day who don’t. It’s called life.

But Arquette’s not having any of that, she only wants leftists in her timeline and to operate in a leftist bubble.

Folks weren’t exactly embracing her plight.

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HT: Twitchy