Time Magazine Columnist Grovels and Apologizes After Trump Calls Out His Fake News

Over the weekend, Time Magazine columnist Ian Bremmer made up a fake quote from President Donald Trump and it went viral, spread by mainstream media anti-Trump people like CNN’s Ana Navarro and Democrats like Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA).

None of the people who spread it bothered to ask why wasn’t anyone who was actually covering the President in Japan confirming such a quote. Nor did they bother to question Bremmer for his source.

When Bremmer later confessed he had made it up he said that it was a statement on media today and indeed, it was. If it attacks Trump and it’s too good to run with with, why bother checking, seems to be what many of these “journalists” do.

And today, the President had a few things to say about this type of journalism and he called Bremmer out by name.

He’s definitely right on in this case when this was flat out false and spread for hours without correction, knowing it was false. Because it was so knowingly false and spread with such disregard for the truth, it might just meet the very tough threshold that would now exist for a famous public figure to sure and prevail.

And it seems Bremmer might get understand that too.

Because suddenly, when Bremmer was just blowing it off and justifying it yesterday, he was all apologies after the President’s tweet today.

Apologies? For leaving up a fake quote for hours?

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