Watch: In Brazil, Obama Says U.S. Gun Laws ‘Don’t Make Sense’ And That It’s Even Possible To ‘Buy Machine Guns’

In Brazil, former President Obama said he thought American gun laws “don’t make much sense” as they can buy “any weapon, anytime.”

Participating in a sit-down interview for VTEX DAY in San Paulo, Brazil, Obama said Americans can even “buy machine guns,” Daily Mail reports.

From the report:

Speaking about the Sandy Hook school shooting that saw 20 children and six adults massacred, he described it as the ‘hardest day of his life’. 

‘The worst thing for me was that I could not bring their children back or promise that we would change the laws,’ he told the 10,000-strong crowd. 

‘Gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon, anytime without, you know, without much if any regulation. They can buy over the Internet. They can buy machine guns.’ 

 Obama’s comments come just months after Brazil passed laws making it easier for people to buy and carry guns. 

Breitbart reports the former U.S. president blatantly and ridiculously lied about the gun laws:

There are a number of problems with Obama’s claims.

The first is the assertion anybody “can buy any weapon, anytime…without much if any regulation.” This is simply untrue. Firearms are highly regulated in the U.S. via background checks for retail point of sales, registration requirements in states like California and New York, and mandated waiting periods for gun purchases in numerous states as well.

Moreover, possession of a firearm is highly regulated requiring Firearm Owners Identication (FOID) cards or other licensing schemes in various states.

“One cannot even possess a gun in his home without such a card in states like Illinois or without first getting a certificate from the government in states like California,” the Breitbart report continued.


Obama’s claim that guns can be purchased over the internet is spurious as well as it is legal for retailers to advertise and accept payment for a gun over the internet but they cannot ship a gun directly to a buyer. Rather, the gun has to be shipped to a Federal Firearm License holder (FFL) near the buyer so a background check can be performed before the buyer is allowed to take possession of the gun.

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Lastly, Obama suggested it is easy to buy machine guns in the U.S. He made this statement in the context of talking about the December 14, 2012, attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School, in which machine guns were not used. Nevertheless, Obama broached the subject but did not mention that machine guns are regulated under the National Firearms Act (1934), which means the purchase of one requires a background check, the submission of fingerprints and photographs, the payment of a $200 federal tax, and registering with the weapon with the federal bureaucracy. This process takes eight to nine months to complete.

The former president’s comments come on the heels of a deadly shooting in Virginia Beach, Virginia where at least 12 people were killed. The shooter reportedly used a .45 caliber handgun with extended magazines.