GOP Rep. Ben Sasse Crushes Latest Dem Tactic: ‘These Jokers Couldn’t Hold Down a Summer Job at Dairy Queen Pulling This Kinda Crap’

Republican Senator Ben Sasse is calling out members across the aisle and across Capitol Hill who are looking to increase the federal pay of members of Congress.

House Democrats, now that they are the majority, are looking to give themselves a $4,500 raise, on top of the $174,000 salary that they rake in each year, the Washington Examiner reports.

According to the report, members of Congress last received a raise in 2009, but the Nebraska Senator said there are more important things for Congress to be prioritizing.

Here’s more on the congressional pay raise:

In 2010, Republicans overturned annual cost-of-living salary increases. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer led the effort to enact a cost-of-living raise, which he said was not legally a pay raise.

“That was taken to court; the court ruled it was not a pay raise, it was an adjustment on an annual basis for inflation,” the Maryland Democrat said Tuesday to reporters. Hoyer pointed out that real pay raises are not allowed to take effect until the next Congress.

Hoyer said housing costs and rules that require members to make more than their staff as reasons to increase congressional pay.

And, via the Hill:

The House is expected to vote next week on a $1 trillion spending package that includes funding for annual legislative branch operations. That measure does not include language in effect since 2010 that prevented members of Congress from receiving an annual cost-of-living salary increase.

The House Appropriations Committee also unveiled an annual spending bill this week for financial services, executive branch and general government operations that similarly does not include the language to block a cost-of-living increase.


Rank-and-file members of Congress earn $174,000 annually, while members of leadership earn more. The Speaker makes the highest salary at $223,500 while the majority and minority leaders earn $193,400.

The Congressional Research Service estimated that the 2018 salary level for rank-and-file members of Congress would be $208,000 if they had received the annual cost-of-living increases.

The maximum lawmaker pay adjustment for January 2020, as established under a 1989 ethics law, is 2.6 percent, or $4,500. House Democrats have also proposed giving federal workers a 3.1 percent pay raise.

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Sasse, instead, argued there should be no raise without a balanced budget.

“No budget, no raise. Instead of writing a budget or reforming our bankrupt entitlement programs, House Democrats are angling for a pay raise,” Sasse said. “These jokers couldn’t hold down a summer job at Dairy Queen pulling this kinda crap.”