Joy Reid Thinks Trump Is Having a July 4th Parade To ‘Threaten Americans’

President Trump’s display of American military prowess on July 4, 2019 has divided the country.

For flag waving patriots, it stands as a tribute to American Exceptionalism and our dominance in global affairs.

For liberals and leftists, it has broken their minds and turned them into conspiracy theorists.

Here’s Joy Reid on MSNBC saying that Trump is deliberately threatening U.S. citizens and “resistance” members:

“The message is a threat. It’s always a threat when you roll out your military. But it’s to whom is the threat and I suspect that the threat is to his fellow Americans. And I hate to say that, but I think that Donald Trump styles himself a tyrant, not a defeater of tyrants.”

Bold claim, Joy. Now do Obama.

Joy Reid

Most would agree that Trump’s style is different. But Trump has also managed to do what no one else has with North Korean relations, since the 1950s, by exactly that: being different. And that’s exactly why he was elected.

Calling Trump a wannabe dictator may seem enlightened, but it’s not Trump demanding the Second Amendment be stripped from the Constitution and guns forcibly removed from law abiding citizens. It’s not Trump forcing government controlled, socialized healthcare into the legislature. It’s not Trump calling for the murder of unborn children. All things dictators have done.

So before we demonize a parade on the 243 anniversary of our nation’s independence, why don’t you pick up a flag and remember what it stands for, how it got its stars and stripes, and ask yourself if you would have any of the things you have today without it.

It hasn’t always been perfect, but it’s our flag, and it represents us working together to preserve a free society.

Wave one this week, Joy.