Tribute to Dead Ballplayer Gets Hijacked By Trump-Haters

Tyler Skaggs, pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, died in a hotel room in Texas this week.

The shocking loss was echoed throughout the baseball community with fans and teams alike, ushering tributes and parting wishes:

Angel Stadium in Anaheim, home base for the Angels, was covered in flowers, cards, and other gifts from people, pained by the loss:

And as the outpouring of hurt and love could be followed on social media with the tag #RIP45, idiots appeared in the stream like people wandering the wrong way up a river, wondering why everyone else was going the other way:


Yup. Not knowing how to keep inside thoughts or well-trained hatred for Trump inside, they continued:

And just like that, #RIP45 was no longer a place to share your thoughts on a lost teammate, friend, or role model, it was a place to wish for the President’s death:

This coopting of the hashtag continued to descend into increasingly disgusting commentary:

Does this individual posting an Obama meme count as a “doctored video“…?

And this now deleted tweet makes a nice cherry on top:

Ah, patriotism’s finest examples right here.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing, people. Get yourself checked.