Kamala Harris Gets Lectured By Nursing Home Resident: ‘Leave Our Health Care System Alone’

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ most recent stop at a nursing home in Iowa resulted in her being told off by an elderly resident.

The brief interaction was recorded and later uploaded to social media where the resident can be seen lecturing Harris not to touch her health care plan.

“You are advocating health care for everyone [so] who’s going to pay for it?” the resident can be heard saying.

Harris responded, “Well, we’re going to pay because right now, let me tell you something, we’re all paying for healthcare for everyone and it’s in the emergency room.”

“No, we’re not,” the woman scolded. “Leave our health care system alone. We don’t want you to mess with it.”


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The Washington Examiner reports:

Harris, who co-sponsored the Medicare for All Act, which would get rid of private healthcare plans, introduced a different plan that would allow private healthcare to continue and would enroll most U.S. residents in a government plan.

“Essentially, we would allow private insurance to offer a plan in the Medicare system, but they will be subject to strict requirements to ensure it lowers costs and expands services,” Harris explained. “If they want to play by our rules, they can be in the system. If not, they have to get out.”

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And, via the Daily Wire:

Harris was the first co-sponsor on a 2017 bill from socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) which amounted to a government takeover of the health care system.

In January, Harris told CNN she wanted to “eliminate” private insurance and to “move on” to a government-controlled system. Hours later after her comments ignited a media firestorm, Harris backed off her statement. In May, Harris claimedthat her comments are “not what” she “meant.” In June, Harris flipped again, signaling during one of the Democrat debates that she would eliminate private insurance. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Harris told CNN that she would eliminate employer-based insurance plans.

Here’s how some people online responded, via Twitchy: