China Says It Will SUE the U.S. Over Tariffs, Trump Fires Back

A representative and spokesperson for the Chinese Commerce Ministry declared that China isn’t happy with this latest round of tariffs, and they plan to sue the U.S. through the WTO dispute settlement mechanism.

More from Fox News:

The United States put new tariffs Opens a New Window. into effect charging 15 percent tax on about $112 billion of Chinese imports.

On September 1, the first batch of U.S. tariffs on China’s 300 billion US dollars exported to the United States was officially implemented. I will file a lawsuit under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. The US taxation measures are seriously contrary to the consensus of the heads of state of the two countries in Osaka. China is strongly dissatisfied and resolutely opposed. In accordance with relevant WTO rules, China will firmly safeguard its legitimate rights and interests and resolutely defend the multilateral trading system and the international trade order.”

The two governments say they are going ahead with talks this month in Washington but neither side has given any sign it might offer concessions.