San Francisco Sued By NRA For ‘Domestic Terrorism Organization’ Label

A week after being labeled a “domestic terrorist organization” in San Francisco, the National Rifle Association has retaliated with a lawsuit against the city.

The NRA is accusing the city of violating their first amendment rights and trying to blacklist anyone who currently or may potentially do business with them. The move is more symbolic than anything else, as the Left looks for someone to blame for mass shootings.

Fox News reported on the lawsuit.

The gun rights lobby asked the court to step in “to instruct elected officials that freedom of speech means you cannot silence or punish those with whom you disagree.”

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution last week that said the U.S. is “plagued by an epidemic of gun violence,” and accused the NRA of using “its considerable wealth and organization strength to promote gun ownership and incite gun owners to acts of violence.” The resolution called on other cities, states and the federal government to follow suit and also declare the NRA a “domestic terrorist organization.”

San Francisco Supervisor Catherine Stefani told the Associated Press she drafted the resolution after a July 28 high profile shooting in Gilroy, Calif., where a gunman entered a festival with an AK-style rifle and killed three people and injured at least 17 more before turning the gun on himself. Gilroy is located about 80 miles southeast of San Francisco.

At least three mass shootings — in El Paso, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; and in the West Texas towns of Odessa and Midland—have occurred since then, and Democrat leaders in Congress Monday urged President Trump to push Republicans to support gun control legislation to expand background checks.

Several stores have posted requests that only law enforcement officials carry firearms in their stores, despite their customers’ legal right to carry protection. No one has provided evidence that mass shootings are deterred by such requests.

Should those allowed to legally carry weapons leave them in the car when entering these stores?