Elizabeth Warren Reportedly Eyeing Failed Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum As Running Mate

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is reportedly in talks with failed Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum to be her running mate.

The Washington Examiner reports Warren reached out to Gillum to seek professional (though unofficial) advice on her presidential campaign, noting this sort of communication resembles “the kind of courtship that happens when a leading presidential candidate is exploring potential vice presidential contenders.”

Gillum would be a highly sought-after choice of any leading Democratic presidential candidate if they intend to help win the key electoral state of Florida as he narrowly lost the governorship to Republican candidate Ron DeSantis.

The report, citing “one source familiar with talks between Warren and Gillum” described the Warren campaign as trying to woo over Gillum: “If you’re trying to win Florida, I would be courting Andrew and that’s what’s happening.”

While Gillum’s clout in Florida makes him a somewhat obvious choice to be a running mate, the Washington Examiner reports he is still facing an FBI investigation for work he did as the mayor of Tallahassee.

The Daily Beast adds:

One source briefed on the communications said the two Democrats have been in contact over the course of the campaign and that there is a “strong impression” that Gillum is a possible vice presidential contender for Warren, who has risen in recent months to become a frontrunner in the 2020 primary, the source said.

Others said the conversations are broader in scope and that Gillum, who narrowly lost a gubernatorial bid by less than a half a point to Republican Ron DeSantis in 2018, is a key player in the biggest battleground state, which President Donald Trump won by less than two percentage points in 2016.

A source close to Gillum’s political team would not confirm specific talks, but stated that Gillum is in communication with many of the candidates and noted that Florida is a critical state to win the presidency.