GOP Rep. Thomas Massie Offers Must-See Thread On Syria And Why U.S. Soldiers Are Even There To Begin With

Republican Congressman Thomas Massie found himself allied with President Trump in an ongoing debate as to whether the United States should be removing its military presence in Northern Syria.

In a new Twitter thread, the Kentucky congressman commended Trump’s effort to bring the remaining U.S. troops home—a decision which has faced scrutiny from both Republicans and Democrats.

Massie called out his congressional colleagues on both sides of the aisle in the series of tweets where he reminded them of why the United States was even in Syria.

“If having troops in Syria is so important, why hasn’t Congress ever voted to send troops there?” Massie asked, starting the thread. “Some history…”

The Kentucky Republican drew attention to the fact there was never a congressional vote to send soldiers to Syria—which the constitution specifically requires.

“Sept 2013, Obama came to Congress for approval to wage war against Syria. Americans overwhelmingly opposed it,” Massie wrote. “Calls ran 100 to 1 against in my office. Some congressmen supported war but didn’t have the courage to vote YEA or NAY.”

Massie continued: “Congress waffled and the vote never happened.”

“By the end of that month the government shut down so the fact that the authorization to wage war against Syria never materialized was forgotten and Obama was saved the embarrassment of no support,” he added.

According to the Kentucky congressman, the Obama administration then secretly sent billions of dollars worth of military aid and equipment into the region.

“According to articles printed later, Obama and Congress ramped up a secret war consisting primarily of funneling equipment to insurgents in Syria. Some of this ended up in the hands of Al Qaeda and what became ISIS,” Massie tweeted.

Adding, “In 2015, Obama ignored the Constitution (and his own words 2 years before), and began sending troops to Syria without Congressional authorization. Eventually, more troops followed.”

If Democrats (and Republicans) want the United States to remain in Northern Syria and lengthen the military conflict, then they should hold a vote, Massie contended.

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“If my fellow congressmen can’t even find the courage to literally press a button and vote YEA, NAY, or PRESENT, then we should bring all of our soldiers home from Syria tomorrow,” he tweeted.

Massie’s thread was praised by Republican Congressman Paul Gosar, who said his office never once received a letter or call in support of starting a new war in Syria.

“My friend @RepThomasMassie has a great thread here about Syria. I was in office in 2013 when intervention in Syria was on the table. Not one call or letter came to my office in support. Zero. Left and right were unanimous. No new war,” Gosar tweeted.