Buttigieg: Trump Is a ‘Very Weak Individual’ — He ‘Has Been a Failure’

WATCH: Buttigieg Says Trump Is a ‘Very Weak Individual’ — He ‘Has Been a Failure’

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg appeared on ABC’s “This Week.” He had the audacity to call President Donald Trump a “very weak individual” and claims he “has been a failure.”


STEPHANOPOULOS: A lot of Democratic campaign veterans looked at that ad on Sunday, and they said it’s pretty effective.

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How would you respond?

BUTTIGIEG: Well, it’s trying to put a tough guy coating on a very weak individual, somebody who was manipulated by Turkey into giving ISIS a new lease on life, somebody who can’t seem to make a decision and stick to it.

And I’m ready to go toe to toe with this president. He wants to talk about the economy, let’s talk about the GM workers and other workers that he has sold out. He wants to talk about ISIS, let’s talk about how his terrible decision to betray our allies allowed ISIS fighters to go free.

This president has been a failure, even on its own terms, even by the promises that he made. And I am ready to have that fight.