Never Forget: Joe Biden Lied About His Wife’s Death For Years And Blamed An Innocent Man

Joe Biden is no stranger to ‘decorating’ his stories. Whether they are meaningful or harmless, at this point it’s difficult which part of his anecdotes is true.

This is true to be said about the interesting story Biden gushed about his confrontation of a gang member called “Corn Pop” during his time as a lifeguard at a Wilmington Pool. Many Democrats come to his defense during these outbreaks.

The most concerning part of his decorative stories is how he manipulated the story of how his wife died.

More from The Western Journal:

There was a gang member in Baltimore with the moniker Corn Pop, they pointed out! The local NAACP chairman backed up his story! There was an obituary for a notorious dude who had that nickname! See, Biden’s not lying!

There was a reason behind the decided quickness with which everyone rushed to Biden’s side: People don’t trust his version of events on pretty much anything. Biden’s campaign-trail anecdotes and stories don’t just have the tocsin of untruth about them. They’re sometimes painfully fake.

The most obvious example of this is a fabricated story he told about a war hero that was, at best, a composite. At worst? The Washington Post may have described it best: “In the space of three minutes, Biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the rank of the recipient wrong, as well as his own role in the ceremony.

The same can’t be said for the sad case of Curtis C. Dunn.

To be fair, Dunn was involved in what’s easily the most traumatic event of Biden’s life. In December of 1972, mere weeks after Biden was elected to the Senate for his first term in an upset victory, his first wife and daughter were killed in a car accident while Christmas shopping.

Dunn was the truck driver who hit them. According to the Newark (Delaware) Post, Neilia Biden drove the car into the path of Dunn’s tractor-trailer for reasons unknown, perhaps having to do with her head being turned.

Dunn apparently did everything possible to avoid a collision, according to reports, even overturning his truck in the process. He was also the first person to render assistance at the scene.”

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