Trump to Gavin Newsom on California Fires: ‘Get Your Act Together’ — Newsom Responds

WATCH: California Wildfires Prompt Statewide Emergency Declaration

If there’s one thing we really love, it’s seeing President Trump call Liberals out for their incompetence.

Well, the President has done it again! President Trump has taken to Twitter to criticize California Governor, Gavin Newman for poor management and neglect of the recent forest fires in California. This time, Newman took a shot back at Trump. Take a look below.

Newman isn’t unfamiliar with criticism from the President, last year, Trump openly condemned Newman’s forest management policies – which restrict logging.

More from Breitbart News:

Although the president’s timing was controversial — he was tweeting his criticism while firefighters were on the front lines battling the blaze — others agreed with his assessment.

Environmentalists, in contrast, have frequently rushed to blame climate change, even though there is little evidence linking recent fires to the projected gradual increase in global surface temperature. For example, former California Governor Jerry Brown told Congress last week that Trump and the Republicans had “blood on [their] soul” for failing to do enough to stop climate change. He, too, made his comments as the fires were still ongoing in the state.

Some experts believe that cutting vegetation will not be enough to stop fast-moving fires, and that a bigger problem is the spread of development into forested areas.

Newsom and Trump have battled over forest management before — with Trump threatening earlier this year to withhold federal money for emergencies if California does not change its policies.