Former Planned Parenthood Trainer Says the Company’s Sex Ed Book Aims To “Groom Children for Early Onset of Sex”

Former training manager and volunteer educator for Planned Parenthood claims the company’s new graphic sex ed book is intended “to groom children” for early sexual experiences.

PLanned Parenthood recently tweeted, “Abortion is health care — and it needs to be included in conversations about sex and sexual health at home and in the classroom.”

According to Breitbart News, former Planned Parenthood trainer Monica Cline explains the new sex ed book, titled In Case You’re Curious, “targets children with just enough cuteness” to be able to present itself as a resource for curious children seeking answers to questions about sex. The book gives the appearance of being “age appropriate” while in reality pushes “a whole lot of hypersexualized answers to groom children for early onset of sex”:

Cline left Planned Parenthood after she learned the organization’s main goal was to develop a continued stream of abortions.

From Breitbart:

The first chapter of the book is titled “Can You Die from Masturbating Too Much?” Subsequent chapters include “Do Guys Really Cum in Their Sleep?” and “Is Twelve Too Young to Know I’m Bi?”

“They justify their actions by stating that they are simply answering the questions of curious youth,” explained Cline, who left Planned Parenthood and ultimately founded her own website and organization called It Takes a Family. Now, she urges parents to “reclaim parenthood” and provides them with resources needed to build up trust in family bonds.

Cline said:

Children’s curiosity is a positive indicator of proper development, but what they learn on that journey needs to be carefully monitored and taught by parents, not Planned Parenthood. I can already hear some of you shouting, “not all parents speak to their kids about this,” or “some kids have awful parents.” We agree on that point. But withholding the safest and most beneficial lessons for only those with good parents is advantage discrimination. You can’t tell me that some kids deserve healthy and protective information while others have to settle for sex at a young age and compromise health. All children, from all walks of life, deserve the safest and most beneficial education that protects them physically and emotionally: