Another Cartel Attack In Mexico Leaves 1 Dead

Another horrifying attack took place in Northern Mexico, leaving one injured, and one dead. In the early hours on Thursday, the victims were traveling in a pickup near the Sonora-Chihuahua border. On the outskirts of Sahuaripa, gunmen opened fire, killing one and injuring another.

Texas law enforcement sources say a woman identified as Arcelia Gracia López, 30, and her brother Rodrigo, 40, and one other unidentified adult were traveling towards the town of Yécora. The gunmen opened fire and fatally shot Arcelia and wounded her brother.

More from Breitbart:

The area around Sahuaripa is approximately 165 miles south from Bavispe, the site of the narco-terror attack that murdered three women and six children near a rural Mormon community.

The rural mountain communities along the eastern section of Sonora is known for the heavy presence of cartel activity with operatives patrolling unchallenged in convoys of armored vehicles with military-style weapons. Sources recently reported convoys in communities of Sahuaripa, Yécora, Rosario de Tesopaco.

In August, Breitbart Texas reported when the Mexican Army discovered three trucks equipped with homemade armor–including a cloned police vehicle. The discovery was made near Sahuaripa at a clandestine narco-camp. Two of the modified trucks featured gun turrets.