CNN Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter Is Hiding the ABC Epstein Scandal From Viewers

If you haven’t tuned into Chief Media Correspondent for CNN Brian Stelter’s show called Reliable Sources, then here’s what you’re missing out on:

Stelter brought on Bill Moyers to say President Trump is hurting democracy and must be impeached. He brought on Anthony Scaramucci to discuss the same thing. He brought on a number of left-wing commentators to talk about how Sean Hannity and Trump are killing democracy.

Here’s what CNN’s Brian Stelter ISN’T covering: ABC’s Jeffrey Epstein scandal

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From John Nolte of Breitbart:

And if that wasn’t big enough, some poor woman who claims she was not the leaker, was fired by CBS for leaking the ABC video.

Talk about collusion, talk about destroying whistleblowers, talk about injustice… Two powerful media corporations colluded to fire a whistleblower who credibly claims she was not the whistleblower, and…

Brian. Stelter. Ignored. All. Of. It…

But that is not the case at all, and we all knew that before this weekend, which is why the far-left Stelter’s ratings (like the rest of far-left CNN) are in freefall.

Even for Stelter, though, ignoring this story is just beyond the beyond… Shameless cover ups are nothing new with Zucker’s Puppet, but this one is going to be remembered, will be defining.