Infant Abandoned Near Dumpster Is Now CEO of Company Worth $62 Million

Many of us are fortunate enough to have normal trajectories in our lives that lead to normal existence between having healthy family ties and great parents.

However, Freddie Figger’s life is anything but normal.

Figger’s was abandoned near a dumpster when he was just a newborn. His mother didn’t want anything to do with him and never could have dreamt of what he would become.

Nathan and Betty Figgers, Freddie’s adopted parents opened their home and their hearts to Freddie, and ultimately nurturing into the amazing person he’s become today.

“It’s amazing that you can meet people like that, and till this day, I have never met my biological parents,” Figgers said in regards to his parents, according to a blog post on his website. “I have never had the interest.”
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A tinkerer by nature, Figgers was entranced by the mechanics of electronic devices, and before his 10th birthday, he had started disassembling and reassembling a 1989 computer his dad had given him.

“He is now the founder and CEO of Figgers Wireless, a black-owned telecommunications firm valued at over $62.3 million dollars, that you may have never heard of,” the caption of one of his YouTube videos read.