Breaking: U.S. General Warns of Iran Attack In Middle East

Although we have deployed 14,000 more American troops to the Persian Gulf, Iran is most likely still planning an attack, according to the commander of American forces in the Middle East.

General Kenneth McKenzie, explained that the additional defenses like fighter jets and more troops may have deterred Iran from attacking American targets, however, strikes against the Gulf Nations may still be at risk.

“My judgment is that it is very possible they will attack again,” General McKenzie explained in an interview before the international security conference on Saturday.

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“It’s the trajectory and the direction that they’re on,” he added in a second interview later in the week. “The attack on the oil fields in Saudi was stunning in the depth of its audaciousness,” he said of an assault in September that the United States and its European allies blame Iran for. “I wouldn’t rule that out going forward.”

General McKenzie did not offer specific evidence that Iran was plotting an imminent attack against targets like oil facilities or desalinization plants — citing only the ability of American military and spy agencies to detect patterns of worrisome but unspecified Iranian activities.

“Iran is under extreme pressure,” General McKenzie said, referring to the maximum-pressure campaign of economic sanctions that the Trump administration is employing against the country. He added that Iran was trying to “crack the campaign” with attacks to provoke an American military response.